Question: Hi, Sandra I decided to remain a virgin and once a pastor told me he saw me pregnant with failed abortion in the future being a disappointment to my family I have prayed it, I'm being very careful (I don't talk to guys anymore) it's been almost two years. But sometimes I masturbate, I feel like I have to otherwise I'm scared i would sleep with someone. It doesn't happen often , but I feel embarrassed . Even worse I feel awakening "sexual urges" would push me to what I'm trying to avoid. Help me. It's odd because I'm building a relationship with God, I have a good one id like to say but I feel like filth when it happens. I convinced myself at some point that it was okay, that the bible didn't speak against masturbation. But I know I was lying to myself, if not why do I feel guilt after. No one knows about this or the "prophecy" . I'm fighting this battle alone and I dint know how to go about this. Even though people don't know I feel like a hypocrite when I tell them about God.


Hey Girl,

Let me just start by saying that in your weakness, God is made strong and his power manifests. You are trying to overcome this on your own and by your own strength and that is never enough to carry the weight of this battle. Let God help you! We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and our weapon is the word of God. Now although the bible does not necessarily say “Do not masturbate”, it says flee from sexual immorality and it is all inclusive. This spirit of masturbation is what the devil wants to use to control you, but then again he is a liar! That is why he instills guilt in you. He wants you to shrink away from God and not spread his word, he does not get joy from it. As children of God, conviction is our language and that is what God uses to call us closer to him. You have tried to solve/avoid one problem (being intimate with a guy sexually) with another problem (masturbation) and that is never going to work. Boys are everywhere and no matter what you cannot necessarily avoid them unless you disappear from the face of this earth. But if you decide to handle the situation with the help of God, you will overcome because he overcame. 

There is no more condemnation in Christ Jesus and everybody at some point in their walk struggles with one thing or the other. God sees and knows and understands everything, so there is nothing that you have done, are doing or will do that will surprise him. That is why he urges us to come boldly into his presence that we may receive help and grace in time of need. Stop striving and keep seeking God in prayer and fasting instead concerning this battle. There is nothing God cannot do. Slowly but surely, he will strip the urge away.

In respect to the prophecy, do not allow it to scare you. It is the fear of the prophecy that is driving you to take measures into your own hands. Yes, practical steps should be taken such as avoiding compromising situations that can lead you to do that which you do not want to, but don't take the position of God and don't allow it to stop you from living in his grace because of fear. Whether the prophecy is true or not I cannot say, but don't allow that to be the center of your thoughts and mind. Replace that fear with the knowledge of Christ instead. The more you see Christ, the less you are to see anything else that will compromise your life anyway. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying do not take it into consideration, but God gives the prophecy and if you focus on him, he HIMSELF will direct you in safety of the prophecy that he gave to your pastor.

“Confess you sins to each other and pray for each other so that God can heal you. When a believing person prays, great things happen” [James 5:16 NCV]. Do not go through this alone. God has placed people in your life for a reason. If you cannot talk to your pastor or his wife (because that can be awks and difficult lol), talk to family or really close FAITHful friends that can carry you along in prayer and hold you accountable. When you do life together, it makes the journey easier and it is less likely that you will give up. 

I pray that this battle will not last long in your life in Jesus name and the devil’s time is up. No longer are you a slave to sin and no longer will it have dominion over you. His word says where sin abounds, grace abounds much more [Romans 5:20], may his Grace take over from this moment on. For Christ came that we may have life and life more abundantly. I pray that your abundant life will not be cut short by the devil’s devices in Jesus mighty name. Amen #Youareanovercomer 

I hope this was helpful in some way !

God bless you <33

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