Position Yourself

I have this habit of matching worship music with bible verses, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. The first time I heard this song, I had not paid much attention to the lyrics. I heard it again during my quiet time with God and I was immediately stopped by the chorus that says "Awake my soul to sing with your breath in me I will worship, you taught my feet to dance upon disappointments and I will worship". After listening to the chorus I took the song all the way to the beginning and was met with the lyrics above. At first I was confused by the lyrics but then I remembered the words in 2 Chronicles 20:15.....

 image from  Etsy

image from Etsy

Jesus, Teach us to pray

If there were any set of people who knew how difficult it was to pray it would have to be Jesus' disciples. Don't believe me?

In Luke 11:1 we see one of Jesus' disciples asking HIM to teach them "to pray" not necessarily "how" to pray but to carry out the actual act of prayer. And what about in Matthew 26:36-40 when Jesus took Peter, James & John to go pray with HIM at Gethsemane only for HIM to meet them asleep? Or what about me (Yes I am a disciple of Jesus Christ haha), who used to have the excuse of "not having enough time to pray"? Either way it goes praying can be a difficult process to carry out. But why?.....

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Triple (a)

This post was inspired by a random conversation that my friend, Felicia, and I were having one day in the office. I don't remember what we were talking about per se, but a myriad of topics came up like boys (not in that way LOL), forgiveness, friendships, family, and the emotions we carry around with the situations that surround these topics. Emotions are good don't get me wrong, after all, God did make us emotional beings, but they can also be dangerous in that we can sink deep into them and begin to lose focus of what's really important, like spending time with God, attending to the needs of others around us to the point of putting up a pity party. When emotions are managed properly, they do us more good than harm and we begin to see the message that God may even have for us in between. 







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