Hi, I'm Sandra!

Believer. Blogger. Encourager

I am very notorious for my lengthy Instagram captions. What can I say? I love to encourage people with the word of God & my transparency. I am passionate about walking in Grace, Truth & Holiness and I desire to see others live in alignment with the standard that Christ has set for us. 

I started blogging in 2014 after I dedicated my life to Christ. Blogging was a medium for me to share my journey, lessons, questions, and mistakes with other like-minded believers around the world. What started on Tumblr as an innocent diary & reflection of some sort gradually grew to a WordPress platform. After a little hiatus from blogging and resisting the tug on my heart, I gradually felt the Lord call me back to it. Now, here we are! There is so much of Christ to discover and we haven't even begun to scratch the surface yet! 

When I am not blogging or encouraging people, you can find me either sleeping, traveling, hanging with friends and family, reading, taking selfies, watching Yoruba/Nollywood movies, or sipping iced apple juice out of a wine glass. I am also undergoing my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with the goal, God willing, of owning a private practice in the future.

Currently, I have the wonderful privilege of serving as a youth and choir leader at my local church. Additionally, I serve millennials online on Instagram @Thegrowinspo (formerly @sandsssinspiration) & @Sandssssa (personal page).


The Grow Inspo blog is created with the sole aim of encouraging people to dive deeper into their relationship with God. It is my desire and prayer that this platform will be a catalyst to an enriching & genuine journey with God that will lead to maturity. I believe God has placed a great burden on my heart for the state of godlessness that exists around us in the world today. This is my attempt at doing my part to remind us to be a light in the darkness & to confirm our calling at all times.

There are a lot of people who seek greater fellowship with Christ but have no idea where to start or what that even entails. With this blog space, I plan to share the love that God has bestowed on my heart in a way that will not only bring people to Him but that they may also come to enjoy Him. Here you will find encouragement, resources, challenges, bible studies, devotionals, answers to questions, and so much more, as led by the Holy Spirit.

I believe God has stirred up the gifts of encouragement & word of wisdom in me, and with these gifts, I plan to share the gospel of Jesus Christ - the Good News.


I am far from a prolific scholar, but with God’s grace, I pray that HIS message will get across through me in the simplest way ever. 

-  Sandra Adeyemi xo 


We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.