Hi People!


I’m Sandra Adeyemi and I am a 23 year old Graduate student at the University of Baltimore undergoing a MS degree in Counseling Psychology. I am a zealous lover of Christ and a determined ambassador for his kingdom. With this space I plan to share the love that God has bestowed on my heart in a way that will not only bring people to HIM but that they may also come to enjoy HIM. Freely I have received and freely I wish to give. This will be a place of transparency, truth, fears, doubt, questions, mistakes, successes and just how I go through life in general!!

I believe God has stirred up a gift of encouragement in me and with this gift, I plan to share the gospel of Jesus Christ; the Good News. I am far from a prolific scholar, but with God’s grace I pray that HIS message will get across through me in the simplest way ever. 

- Be Blessed

Consider this place your "Spiritual Hub". Whether you are new to the faith or have been in the faith for a while, there is always more to discover. Here, I share resources that keep me going and help me to renew my mind in addition to consistent study of the word of God!



There are a lot of people who seek greater fellowship (relationship) with Christ but have no idea on where to start or are too afraid to ask. My greatest desire is that we will all grow in the knowledge of Christ & experience freedom! 

Everything in the universe is good to the degree it conforms to the nature of God and evil as it fails to do so. —A.W. Tozer


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