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Faith | Life | Everything in Between

Cultivating a heart for Christ, one word at a time


About me

Hey, I'm Sandra!


I am very notorious for my lengthy Instagram captions. What can I say? I love to encourage people with the word of God & my transparency. I am passionate about people walking in Grace, Truth & Holiness and I desire to see others live in alignment with the standard that Christ has set for us. 

I started blogging in 2014 after I dedicated my life to Christ. Blogging was a medium for me to share my journey, lessons, questions, and mistakes with other like-minded believers around the world. What started on Tumblr as an innocent diary & reflection of some sort gradually grew to a WordPress platform. After a little hiatus from blogging and resisting the tug on my heart, I gradually felt the Lord call me back to it. Now, we are here!....